13. The Elder

If ever there were a face for emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical exhaustion-- it would be THE ELDER.  Perhaps a parent, a teacher, a healer, or a spiritual leader, THE ELDER finds themselves called on constantly for the smallest of tasks.  This is a reminder that no matter what your level of involvement or experience, it's important to separate yourself from others and get some rest (different from sleep, though you might need sleep, too!) and quiet time to sort out your thoughts.  This card asks us to learn from others in similar situations to preserve our strength, energy, and character; it also encourages us to share lessons of the same from our own lives to help others do the same.

This card is part of the FOREST Suit in the Woven Wisdom Oracle, which asks us to closely examine the things in our natural/default settings that we commonly pay no mind to.  Which details in your life are you encouraged to engage with more fully?

Could relate to: being overworked or overcommitted, being involved in a project that just won't die, Spiritual and emotional exhaustion, parenthood


Key Questions:

  • What have my friends/family/coworkers experienced that I can learn from?

  • What have I experienced that might be useful to my friends/family/coworkers?

  • What things are grinding me down, that normally wouldn't?

  • Are my needs in _____________ being met? (this friendship/relationship, spirituality, etc.)

  • If I could do anything other than what I'm doing right now, it would be...