16. The Child

"Why are you so sad?  And angry, why are you so angry?"  The child asked me, taking my hand.

"My dear, you wouldn't understand.  I'll just keep it to myself."

"Because, it's too complicated.  Most of it's far too convoluted and too hard."
"No, it's really not," the Child sighed, "You're just making it that way."


The child asks us not just to acknowledge simpler times, but to take an active step in making things simpler for ourselves.  It encourages us to boil complicated things down to the basics of them, and to keep feeding the soul's basest needs.  THE CHILD asks us to approach things in good faith, and amazement of how things came to be without limitation on how it could be.  The Querent is also asked to acknowledge and take active steps towards repairing their relationship with the self -- give yourself permission to ask more questions, and call out unhealthy behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve you or those you love.  It is ok to be wanted, loved, nourished, scared, and have emotions.  You are safe here.  Be here, and make that space for yourself.

This card is part of the FOREST Suit in the Woven Wisdom Oracle, which asks us to closely examine the things in our natural/default settings that we commonly pay no mind to.  Which details in your life are you encouraged to engage with more fully?


Could relate to: growing up, toxic behaviors from leaders of our childhood (parents, teachers, spiritual leaders), seeing an old thing in a new way, allowing yourself to have fun

Key Questions:

  • What does my inner child need at this point to be more fulfilled?

  • What are some truths that I've been taught about the world?  Which ones do I need to unlearn?

  • What childhood friend can I reconnect with?

  • What things thrill me that others might make fun of me for?  When can I experience those things again?  Do I have anyone else in my friends circle who might appreciate them, too?

YES/NO:  This card is a YES Card.