19. Twin Intention

TWIN INTENTION appears to the reader when it's necessary to lean on sympathetic acquaintances, community and collaboration for work towards a common good. Both Forest Geists are identical and facing oppositely, providing oversight for any blind spots the other may have, protecting that which is common between them. If called upon, they can be that fierce protectors for each other; until then, the wind supports and moves between them evenly.  TWIN INTENTION asks us to find people who are precisely aligned with our causes, so both parties can support, grow, and maintain their same goals.

This card is part of the FOREST Suit in the Woven Wisdom Oracle, which asks us to closely examine the things in our natural/default settings that we commonly pay no mind to.  Which details in your life are you encouraged to engage with more fully?

May relate to: service and group projects, social justice, a joint business venture.


  • What are my goals, and who are people who have the same goals?

  • What blind spots are present in my counterparts' thinking?

  • What is the best way to address and manage these blind spots?

  • How can I use my position and status to protect others?

  • Is my interaction with my counterpart/community mutually beneficial? If not, how can I adjust course-- or is it best to part ways?

YES/NO: Yes, but make sure you have help, or the effort will be unsuccessful.