20. The Observer

At some point, we are background characters-- even in our own lives. Sometimes, things happen in our orbit that directly affect us without our influence.  THE OBSERVER reminds us that this is not only okay, but also could prove useful to sit back and watch for a bit: maybe you'll pick up a pertinent crumb of information about someone or some situation you have to work within.  You might also see some dynamics at play from a distance which would be impossible to observe up close.  It should be noted that this is separate from seeking and spreading gossip-- THE OBSERVER encourages us towards maintaining an information bank to pull from as a resource for yourself and others, in the future.

This card is part of the FOREST Suit in the Woven Wisdom Oracle, which asks us to closely examine the things in our natural/default settings that we commonly pay no mind to.  Which details in your life are you encouraged to engage with more fully?

Could relate to: a transition at work, opportunities for others, social drama and hierarchy upset

Key Questions:

  • How appropriate is my level of involvement in this issue?

  • What can I learn, were I to hold back my thoughts and actions from this situation?

  • What are all the dynamics at play in the situation, and where do I fit in?

  • How can the events that are happening to other people affect or foreshadow what will happen to me?

YES/NO:  This card is a NO, NOT YET-- WATCH AND LEARN card.