22. The Fallen Angel

"Why did they break your wings?  Why are you not in heaven with the others?" He asked.

"I wanted to help the humans protect themselves," She responded, her voice almost hovering, ringing darkly sweet and harmonic. "So, I gave them swords and clubs and axes and pitchforks, and I taught them how to strike with them; instead of giving them protection, I gave them war."


Lucifer wasn't the only fallen angel (well, cherubim); throughout Abrahamic tradition (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), spiritual beings rebelling against the wishes of their God were cast out from the heavens.  Oftentimes these fallen angels became djinn, demons, beings of darkness; quite the cautionary tale to be very certain that you're willing to deal with the consequences of your actions.  The intent of their infractions didn't matter-- the audacity of them, did.  THE FALLEN ANGEL has us take note of our areas of confusion-- particularly when the information presented doesn't line up with the facts of how things are.  This card also appears when we're being dishonest with ourselves, and need to understand the truth of the matter-- regardless of how we mean for it to be perceived.

The Fables Suit addresses different angles of popular stories and fairy tales that we have internalized.  What beliefs about yourself and the world around you appear in this card, which might need to be refreshed, updated, or left behind? 

Could relate to: clearing up mismatched narratives, learning new information about a past conflict, disharmony in personal or professional relationships, being hung out to dry

Key Questions:

  • How does my intent influence the impact of the harm caused by my actions?

  • How can I work through the harm caused by someone else?

  • Is the information given to me matching the facts or expectations I know?  How can I reconcile it, if not?

  • Is it appropriate in this situation to offer the benefit of the doubt?

YES/NO:  This card is a NO card.