24. True Form

In the story of Snow White, the Wicked Queen transforms into an ugly hag to disarm and harm her stepdaughter princess by offering a poisoned/enchanted apple.  Snow White, not recognizing her evil stepmother in this deceptive form, takes one bite and falls into a deep sleep.  She's left waiting for her rescuer to reverse the spell of the poisoned apple.  TRUE FORM asks who is lying or being dishonest in a situation, and for what reasons-- when we see this card,  we  must ask who is being deceptive, and leverage those motivations towards a more honest and productive outcome. Sometimes this even includes ourselves, to others or ourselves. 

The Fables Suit addresses different angles of popular stories and fairy tales that we have internalized.  What beliefs about yourself and the world around you appear in this card, which might need to be refreshed, updated, or left behind? 


Could relate to: a poisonous personality, someone only telling partial truths, presenting something as beneficial that is not (or vice versa).


Key Questions:

  • What are the honest motivations for what's wanted?

  • Has the person involved in this problem-set always had my best interest at heart?  

  • Where are the truths of the current situation?  How can I interact better with those truths?

  • What is the best way to find out the truth without putting myself at greater risk?


YES/NO:  This card is a NO card.