27. Popularity

All its life, the crow had wanted to be royalty.  "I'm smart, and beautiful, and cunning, and personable.  I could easily be ruler!  I'd fly over my subjects, get lay of the land, talk with the sun.  Maybe I'd even take his crown from him... maybe he'd even just give it to me!"  The bird chuckled to herself,  "Her Royal Highness, the Crow!"  The other animals had grown tired of the crow's constant cawing and lording, and determined one day to bring it to a halt. 

"Crow!" said Fox, "if you rule us well, we'll put your name to the humans so they can have a ruler truly fit for them!"  The crow nodded, ready to rule hundreds.  No, Thousands!  Maybe the Sky and  the Land! and flew to get to work caring for Her kingdom.  After three days and three nights, simply worn out, the crow sent word for everyone to gather.  She cawed, "I'm exhausted.  The Forest doesn't sleep at night, and it's spread far and wide.  I only barely have time to collect berries for myself before another issue arises.  Nothing is getting done!"

"Ah, but your Majesty," said Fox, "the humans are on their way- they've seen you work day and night, tirelessly making sure your kingdom was taken care of, and want you to take the throne."  The Crow let out a great cry and darted for the sky, her boastful calling never heard across her forest kingdom again.


POPULARITY asks us if we (or the person in question) are being too full of ourselves, overconfident in our success & losing parts of ourselves to fulfill our vision.  It asks if we truly are comprehending the great undertaking of maintaining morals and standards among friends, family, and other influences.

The Fables Suit addresses different angles of popular stories and fairy tales that we have internalized.  What beliefs about yourself and the world around you appear in this card, which might need to be refreshed, updated, or left behind? 


Could relate to: being cocky or overconfident, being under-prepared (either by yourself or others) for a position or station, poorly laid plans


Key Questions:

  • Can I fulfill my promises and obligations?

  • How do I maintain my sense of self as I'm approaching this situation?

  • How do I manage confidence in myself and others?

  • What are the long-term effects of how I speak to myself?

YES/NO:  This card is a No card.