3. Cernunnos

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There's a wild here- embrace it. As CERNUNNOS emerges from the swamp and wood, moss and snake hanging from his antlers, he is every part beast and man, god and wild.  Hailing from Celtic traditions (including Gaul and Iberian peninsula) and found in imagery as early as the first century Common Era, his emphasis is placed on all things wild, but  also frequently is held as a god of creation, fertility, travel, and peacemaker between predator and prey. He carries a torc, a twisted cord of precious metal that denotes his status and authority-- and with those, the ability to direct and keep all the secrets of the savage wild to keep or give as chosen.  When CERNUNNOS is present in a card reading, the Querent is called to recognize the advantageous position and authority they have.   The singular ability to act as a shot-caller and a mediator between two (or more) seemingly unreconcilable points of view not only comes from a place of authority, but if used well, can reinforce it.  Sometimes, this card appears as someone confides important information to you; try to remember that not all the information you have should be shared with everyone who requests it.  Holding information closely means that you are able to act as a deeply respected protector, and make meetings between individuals happen where others would deem it unlikely, if not impossible.  CERNUNNOS determines who is worthy, for which pieces of information; he encourages you to do the same.

This card is part of the PANTHEON Suit in the Woven Wisdom Oracle, which recalls details in divinity that apply to our lives. Thank you to those people of the living faith traditions who offered additional insight & context into the importance of these divine figures.  This suit asks, what can I learn from the figureheads and their living traditions. that I may observe myself with that same reverence?

Could relate to: determining roles in an interpersonal conflict, granting access to a social circle or VIP, what to do with complete and crucial information entrusted to you.

Key Questions:

  • What information do I have that would be useful to others in this situation?

  • How do I safeguard what's been entrusted to me up until this point?

  • How do I ensure everyone's needs are being met in this situation?

  • What information is best kept to myself in this situation?