30. The Journey

THE JOURNEY shows two friends, a hare and a faery, embracing and saying their goodbyes. The hare has his sticked bundle, is packed up and ready to go towards the next great adventure-- even if it means leaving comfort behind in search of the unknown. How much preparation was needed for the hare to embrace the change ahead? How was the faery able to help and determine when it was appropriate to let go of her loved one? As changes happen in life, we build from the foundation of our relationships-- as we reach back in times of need to our loyal friends who helped make the change possible.  Take a deep breath, steel your nerves, and venture forth!

The Fables Suit addresses different angles of popular stories and fairy tales that we have internalized.  What beliefs about yourself and the world around you appear in this card, which might need to be refreshed, updated, or left behind? 

Could relate to: a gradual development or change in life; a promotion; a birth; next levels of education/training; moving physical locations, a vacation, an amicable break-up.

Key Questions:

  • Which loved ones do I want to keep in touch with, as I embark on my journey?

  • How do I maintain contact and respect?

  • What are possible obstacles to my smooth transition, and how can I prepare for them now? 

  • What things/people scare me about the coming change? What things/people assure me?

  • Am I the hare? what are my final steps before embarking in this change?

  • Am I the faery? how can I support my friend as they start their adventure?


YES/NO: Check your work/preparation first.  Then, YES.​