33. Destiny

"What if I were to kiss you?"  She asked.  Her hair was vibrant and imprecise, like watercolor.  Everything felt silky and rich to her touch, even as she cradled the serpent's scaly jaw in her palms.  He was the gatekeeper for her future.  She felt it in her wings.


"Then all your wishes would come true.  Everything you've worked for?  Achieved.  Every hope comes to fruition.  All of that work along your trajectory: continues and is fulfilled."  The serpent called out to the Fae, nuzzling her and wrapping around her.  Autumn danced its fire while the haze of summer faded from memory between them.


The Fae laughed, her voice ringing warm and harmonic. She thought  of the elaborate ruse, what a serpent would gain from kissing Forest Fae.  "And if I don't?"

"How can any of that happen, without you doing what you know needs to be done?"


 DESTINY is a card of understanding: your scene is set, and now must play out-- for better or worse.  When this card appears in a reading, it should be taken as a comfort and an urging, the kicking of a baby bird out of its nest and into a whole world of exploration and knowing.  While this can be scary and require both small and big courages, it's a necessary step for progression.  Take a deep breath.  You already know what has to be done, and now is the time to go forth and do it; or, as a bystander  

This card is part of the AUTUMN Suit in the Woven Wisdom Oracle, which notes lessons from the empowered voices in the twilight of life, who have lived experience. How can we learn from others strengths, or shortcomings?

Could relate to: a final resolution to a long-term situation, a superficial choice, an issue requiring the removal of doubt. 

Key Questions:

  • Am I fretting about things I have no control over?

  • How do I maintain this steady course to the best possible outcome for all involved?

  • What are the elements of this situation that may change or need to be finessed?

  • How do I embrace a transition I may or may not be happiest with?