36. Transformation

The process of change is messy, and can be painful.  TRANSFORMATION divulges that when we change ourselves for the better, the pieces of us (such as our perspectives, habits, and even associates) which no longer serve us, fall to the side as we engage in living more fully and authentically.  In all things, the world just asks that we are honest. That honesty can be dark, revealing, vulnerable; but above all else is necessary to really progress.  The twisting and forming of self from all the things we think of ourselves to be, into what we actually are is a darkly hopeful picture.  This is a sometimes-grueling process of becoming.  Have faith in that process, lean on the guidance from neutral associates and influences who can tell you when you're veering off-course to your intended goals.  It takes courage and strength to not only determine that change needs to happen, but that you are going to be the one to do it.  You have both.

This card is part of the AUTUMN Suit in the Woven Wisdom Oracle, which notes lessons from the empowered voices in the twilight of life, who have lived experience. How can we learn from others strengths, or shortcomings?

Could relate to: a paradigm shift, a crucible moment, understanding the need to improve or change.

Key Questions:

  • Which things about me are not pleasant, but honest, that I might need to change?

  • Do I believe this process will work out for me, if I continue along this trajectory?

  • What things, habits, or processes do I ultimately have faith in?

  • What does it mean to me to be good or redeemable?  Is this a fair assessment?