37. Stability

Come in.  Come in to rest inside and bask in glow of firelight;

the torrents cannot harm you here.
My doors are shut, my shutters latched, and all your worries unattached.

I'll guard you from your every fear.

Come in, come in: your place is here.


Siren, 2020


 STABILITY asks us, when was the last time you felt safe, or made a space safe for others What does "safe" mean?  Relationships with our most treasured friends rely on consistency, dependability and firm boundaries both for ourselves and them.  The wonderful house on the STABILITY card is not without whimsy in its pointed & tilted gables, but the foundation is firm and there are so many layers to this beautiful abode.   The doors and windows lean asymmetrically, but you can still see a glow of warmth and light in its windows.  In pulling this card, we are asked both to access this house, and be a retreat for others.  If you've pulled this card, it's a suggestion from the universe that you return to the home of your soul, and make a safe dwelling for others who are finding their way.

This card is part of the AUTUMN Suit in the Woven Wisdom Oracle, which notes lessons from the empowered voices in the twilight of life, who have lived experience. How can we learn from others strengths, or shortcomings?

Could relate to: finding a dwelling, house or safe refuge; being a "safe person" to approach for advise; showing up for close relationships.

Key Questions:

  • How can I best show up for myself or my associates at this time?

  • What things can I do to be or make a safe space for myself and others, which can be easily accessed?

  • What things do I get easily upset over, and how can I reframe them so they don't affect me as strongly?

  • How can I embody STABILITY in my interactions with other people?