38. Avoidance

AVOIDANCE shows a crow atop a crone's head, entangled in her long, white hair.  Who knows how long he's been cawing up there?  But, however long, it's been with his whole chest, loud enough to echo through the forest.  The crone hasn't slept for days, and there's not a moment of peace buried in the bags underneath her eyes from sleepless nights of the crow nagging and cawing.  If only she would handle the crow, she might be able to focus.  Or eat.  Or, perhaps, sleep.  AVOIDANCE calls the querent to examine the things left undone for longer than necessary.  It's not about getting everything done as soon as possible every time (who has the energy for that?), but it is about the need to take tasks we've made larger than they actually are.  Avoidance tells us that holding off will no longer serve us or our needs, and will complicate things down the road if we don't prioritize and knock things out as we can handle them.

This card is part of the AUTUMN Suit in the Woven Wisdom Oracle, which notes lessons from the empowered voices in the twilight of life, who have lived experience. How can we learn from others strengths, or shortcomings?

Could relate to: An unpleasant conversation, a decision feared to not go in your favor, stalled action in an important project or task.

Key Questions:

  • What things need to be handled that I've been avoiding for quite some time?

  • Is there a reason I'm delaying or hamstringing my efforts to get this done?

  • What are the consequences for not taking this action or having this conversation?

  • What beliefs about myself are expressed through my avoidance?