4. The Morrigan


The Morrigan is a triple goddess originating from what, today, is the British Isles.   This Goddess carries the face of determination in battle as the War Crow (Badb Catha), the face of fairness as justice & sovereignty as the Queen (Macha), and the face of the horrors and consequences of battle (Nemain).  The War Crow is said to determine the favored side of battle, and foretell of losses and deaths. Macha, when pregnant, hiked up her skirts to fulfill a bet made by her boastful husband that she could outrun any of the horses his guests put forth; while she did, she also cursed the men who didn't hold motherhood as sacred to be as helpless as a woman in childbirth-- a curse that would last nine generations.  Nemain spread panic and fear on the battlefield, showing herself as she chose, her cry instantly killing those who heard it.  This is a goddess of fierceness, and encourages the Querent to consider what actions are coming up that need to be handled, including all the associated discomfort and unpleasantness, with strategy and fairness.  These are most likely long term projects and efforts, and can feel like overwhelming odds.  This is to remind you to take a deep breath, get that bird's eye view of your battlefield, and understand the risks and rewards associated with it.

This card is part of the PANTHEON Suit in the Woven Wisdom Oracle, which recalls details in divinity that apply to our lives. Thank you to those people of the living faith traditions who offered additional insight & context into the importance of these divine figures.  This suit asks, what can I learn from the figureheads and their living traditions. that I may observe myself with that same 

Could relate to: managing gossip, breaking from the status quo, going against the advice or directions of authority figures

Key Questions:

  •  What battles am I getting ready to face?

  • What things are unpleasant, but still need doing?  Where is the root of that unpleasantness?

  • What are consequences of my actions at this time, both for myself and others?

  • What am I willing to sacrifice for the preferred outcome?  How will it affect myself and others?


YES/NO:  YES-- gather your resources and be wise about your next actions.


- Siren, 2019

I see you doubt your strength.

But, while you are there, feeling frantic fieldmouse on the battlefield,

someone else is sharpening their blade for their clash.

I am not interested in your bloodlust, your blind commitment, your fight for sake of fight.

This is not about that, and this is not the time for this self-pity,

doubt perching on your shoulder, its points puncturing your willpower.

I will not stand by a king so recklessly fixed on failure, a queen so stuck on loss.


I choose you. I chose you.

I have loved you through every death that has touched your blade,

every time you found injury yet still rose for next battle.

I kissed your justice, whispering blessings and laments in the palms that hold your sword;

straddled you, galloping to the warfront.

Did you forget our promise?

Did the face of every decay I cause, claw and carve the inside of your skull with its talons,

Finding you in your dreams, sleepwalking horrors in your throat?

Can you not forget that it takes sacrifice to commit so completely?

This choosing of you is part Unkindness (part Murder)

Carrying you on wings darker than the fear of your downfall, but I promise you

those wings carry you to your victory, see shewolves below flanking their expectations,

shape-shift harbinged horror towards those who stand against you.


So grab your senses: fear is both your weapon and your shield.

Do you realise in this moment, you are both an instrument of death and its sacrifice?

What is war without its spoils, and how great the bounty to fight for something larger than ourselves!

There are those who cannot act, without you to champion.

There are those who will not act, unless found to be target, but

You are not that person.

Pick up the sovereign spear- move it forward with unapologetic commitment.

I will steady your hand, and I will guard your death.

For what is death, if not the last line of your epic,

meaning in memory after our struggles are finished?

For now, you are still here-- fight like it.