42. Foresight


The clock, the clock! It might stand still,

but never its wheels nor cogs:  

chains shift and wind springs- the pendulum swings

to a cadence of ticking-tock.
So, take it apart!  Unscrew, unwind!  

Remove hands and save face.
Apart or together, it matters not:

time's passing doesn't wait.


Siren, 2020


What do you see in a clock, its parts and its whole?  Does it remind you of deadlines, or capture you in its memories?  FORESIGHT is being able to see how events and patterns from the past influence both the present and future circumstances-- indeed, every past was the present at its own point in time, and every future passes.  Nonetheless, we set the stage for our lives.  Much like Chekov's gun, we're asked to remove unnecessary elements from our lives that don't fundamentally influence our narratives; we also note that small things may not be as small as we wish, in regards to our stories.   What patterns are we reliving, and how do we set the stage for repetition?  

The Shadow Suit addresses deeper layers and life themes, while asking us to make longer-term commitments and changes to our habits.  How can we fully embrace the experiences that make us more deeply human, and spiritual, in building our connections?

Could relate to: making a decision, determining relationship patterns, curiosity and excitement about a new endeavor, piecing influences to form an entire picture, processing regret

Key Questions:

  • Is there a cycle I need to break, that it's meeting my needs or my best interest?

  • How can I "trim the fat" from my life, so I can try different options?

  • How did I get here, and how is here & now charting the course for later?

  • Which personal boundaries need to be strengthened to ensure as little regret as possible?