43. Meditation


In MEDITATION, Playful Dead sits calmly and still in a wheat field.  It used to be a task for them, to simply exist and be present in a space.  Now the skeleton feels the warmth of the sun, the tickle of the wheat against their bones, smells the toasted-grain sweetness rising from the earth below.  There's a resting paper airplane in the foreground, among the stalks-- and no saying whether it was a message sent out to the world from Playful, or one from it trying to bring Playful back.  Honestly, at this point, it doesn't really matter; what matters is the Skeleton's willingness to sit in the same space, possibly in the discomfort of that folded-message, and just exist.  MEDITATION reminds us that we need to check in with ourselves and the priorities we place on the different dynamics in our own lives.   If we are in discomfort, instead of doing everything possible to get rid of that discomfort, this card reminds us that most of the time it's simply enough to acknowledge the discomfort-- then gauge (without bias) what our next steps should be. So, find a space to exist unapologetically in. Stop, pause.  Sit, lay, or walk as comfortably as you can, and breathe-- then come back to the world and life as it is.  This card shows up when we need meditation and solitude (different from loneliness) to become the focus of a normal routine.

The Shadow Suit addresses deeper layers and life themes, while asking us to make longer-term commitments and changes to our habits.  How can we fully embrace the experiences that make us more deeply human, and spiritual?

Could relate to: finding peace in chaotic times, handling a complicated conflict, 
decision-making, needing more personal time/space/reflection in your  routine.

Key Questions:

  • Do I need to reevaluate my priorities?

  • How can I carve out time specifically to ground with myself?

  • When was the last time I was still, and in solitude?  What happened to make it so, and what happened from there??

  • Are there messages from the world around me that I need to reflect on?

YES/NO: NOT RIGHT NOW.  Pause and reflect.