45. Siren Song

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In old seafaring lore, the sirens were tempting creatures with beautiful voices who would sing, entrancing sailors to steer their ships into rocky currents.  The ships would wreck, the sailors would drown, and the sirens (in some tales) would devour the sailors.  Indeed, in this card we see a siren playing her song on a sailor-bone bowed lyre and luring another ship in.  SIREN SONG is about the power of creative expression to command and audience (or allies to your side) and enchant them in a way only you can do.  Everyone has a unique way of expressing themselves and motivating others, and different qualities that mark our characters.  SIREN SONG asks us how we leverage those qualities in our interactions to command an audience and achieve a goal.    SIREN SONG encourages you to take control of a situation and inspire others to a particular action, if reversed, to seek that action inside yourself.

The Shadow Suit addresses deeper layers and life themes, while asking us to make longer-term commitments and changes to our habits.  How can we fully embrace the experiences that make us more deeply human, and spiritual?

Could relate to: putting a project back on track, making connections and associations, empowering people, pulling a special event together

Key Questions:

  • What descriptors are unique to me and my character?

  • How can I leverage my gifts to help everyone in this situation?

  • What situations can I turn around, using my unique skillset?

  • How can I phrase things in a unique way, to be listened to?