47. The Socialite


In a crowded room, where do you stand?  Is your posture open or closed, leaning towards someone-- or more often, away?  Are you the captive audience, or the storyteller?  THE SOCIALITE knows when to leverage various strengths in different settings, and is reminding you to do the same; doing so in your situation right now would be advantageous to your cause.  As you meet people who try to rope you into new situations, it's important to make sure that your personal boundaries are in check and your motives are private.  Some, wishing to be "front & center" or in the spotlight, will seek to take advantage of both.    by setting up boundaries and making it a normal habit, we make self-care more routine at deeper layers.  If you find yourself running out of steam with social interactions, this is an important cue to examine the dynamics of all involved and ask where you can delegate-- or which things can simply be let go of.  Don't be apologetic for protecting yourself as you learn the situation better.

The Shadow Suit addresses deeper layers and life themes, while asking us to make longer-term commitments and changes to our habits.  How can we fully embrace the experiences that make us more deeply human, and spiritual?

Could relate to: navigating unflattering rumors, figuring out friendships and working relationships, sorting through unsavory history, a business arrangement with unknowns

Key Questions:

  • In this situation, who is acting like they're in charge? Who is actually making things happen?

  • Who can I share information, fears, and concerns with-- who won't leverage them against me?

  • What role am I comfortable playing in this situation or relationship?

  • What toxic relationships can I do without?

  • Where do I need firmer personal boundaries?