6. Izanagi & Izanami


The Shinto tradition marks IZANAGI & IZANAMI as creators of the known world, having given birth to the land and its creatures, the sky and many Gods & Goddesses. In the process of giving birth to him, IZANAMI was badly burned by the fire god Kagutsuchi; she died from the burns, and was pursued to the underworld by the grief-stricken IZANAGI.  After ages of searching the darkness, nostrils filled with the stench of death and decay,  he found her; it was too late. IZANAMI had already eaten the food of the Underworld, and could never return.  The appearance of IZANAMI & IZANAGI  in a reading symbolizes the importance of family and partnership, with the understanding that family is both blood and chosen.  It's important to note the lengths we are willing to go for our families when their needs are most; it's also important to know that that dedication can be extended to the causes and experiences most important to our family. As IZANAGI & IZANAMI are gods of creation, there are also considerations afoot in dealing with a child member of the family: either the youngest of a set of siblings, or a child about to be born.

This card is part of the PANTHEON Suit in the Woven Wisdom Oracle, which recalls details in divinity that apply to our lives. Thank you to those people of the living faith traditions who offered additional insight & context into the importance of these divine figures.  This suit asks, what can I learn from the figureheads and their living traditions. that I may observe myself with that same reverence?

Could relate to: family matters, personal boundaries, sacrifice for a loved one, supporting a loved one's cause.

Key Questions:

  • Who is my true family?

  • What are my plans surrounding a birth or death of a family member?

  • What are difficult causes to rally behind, that still need my support?

  • How can I express my concern and love for a family member in this situation?