61. The Prisoners

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Perdimash bit her lip hard as the cords cut into their forarms. "I can't believe you got us into this, Eoliti.  Simply unbelieveable. What were you thinking? What in Deepest Queensrealm were you thinking?!"


"Stop spitting your bile at me and focus!" he whisper-hissed over his shoulder at her, keeping watch of the iron gate. 

She could feel his wings spasming against hers, tied together behind their backs in torturous full extension. She pushed away from him, trying to stretch the leather cords, simply pulling him along with her yanking. "I can work these and chew you out; and you won't tell me you don't deserve it.  The absolute gall!  Madness!  Why steal the Seelie King's Crown, you absolute heel?" 

She heard him hold his breath for an instant, then sigh. "Just.…to sell it, I suppose. Buy more food than we could ever want.  Host our first Great Feasting for all of our families to delight in. They'd've never seen the likes," He answered softly. Did she hear a note of guilt?


Perdimash sucked her teeth. "Tsk, oh to whom 'sell the Seelie King's crown?' You think no one would come looking for it?  That someone wouldn't alert them; that they wouldn't torture us-- no, kill us just like this, for that?  We two very best of friends? Huh, Eoliti?"

Eoliti fell silent. Perdimash had never known her companion to fall silent, and felt a splinter of guilt slip into her heart. Had she been too brash? "Help me get these undone.  I'll handle you later."
THE PRISONERS is a sign that a relationship you are in is unhealthy for you-- or your counterpart.  This is a call for honesty in your examination of how you and your companions influence each other.  Try to see the trajectory of your relationships and evaluate your boundaries before harm comes to yourself or another person. The best option might be to disconnect from them, or them from you.


This card is part of the FOREST Suit in the Woven Wisdom Oracle, which asks us to closely examine the things in our natural/default settings that we commonly pay no mind to.  Which details in your life are you encouraged to engage with more fully?


Could relate to: unhealthy habits and associations, emotional and mental abuse, choosing friends or alliances, being defensive.


Key Questions:

  • Which of my boundaries is flexible?

  • What things am I compromising on that have the potential to harm me?

  • Is what I'm fighting about worth continuing?

  • Am I looking for drama or discord?

  • What sort of an influence am I to my friends, or them to me?