71. Aviary

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In which season is your mind, sweet girl--
the chill of wingbeats from your breast
The pecking, wrecking within your skull
Tight'ning in your throat or chest?
Melt that winter into spring;

plant thoughts to take root and stand tall.
Let summer find you fully blossoming,
and let your worries fall.
AVIARY shows a young girl with a furrowed brow and a million-yard stare, chicks screaming in her nest of a head and a body that betrays her in the same way.  The layers on layers of dry tangle catch her up.  This is not a new situation; nests take time and techniques to build.  Maybe  now would be great, to feed those worrisome thoughts (just a bit) so they can quiet.   When AVIARY appears in a reading, the subject is in need of grace and compassion.  (Isn't it so much easier to dispense those for others, than ourselves?)

The Fables Suit addresses different angles of popular stories and fairy tales that we have internalized.  In this card, what beliefs about yourself and the world around you appear, which might need to be refreshed (whether updated, or left behind)? 


Could relate to: defeatism & anxiety, intrusive thoughts, falling short of a goal, obsession about inadequacy.


Key Questions:

  • What things effect my esteem?

  • What do I say about myself when I'm not successful, versus when I am?

  • How can I work to slow down or combat intrusive thoughts?

  • What concerns have I ignored, which need to be addressed immediately?​​


YES/NO:  This card is a NO card.