81. The Herald
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The Herald Crone shuffles across the forest clearing to a sweeping ash tree, pushing on a familiar bulging knot in the bark.  The giant boughs shiver and shower fading leaves; the roots moan and slide apart, revealing a deep hole. From that gap, the Herald lifts a long, twisting horn and holds it close to her heart.  Her fingertips, leathery and knobby, play with etchings in the bone.  "This has been in my safekeeping for centuries; and my mother's centuries before that. It was her father's before that, but make no mistake, it belongs to you.  There has been no greater honor for me than to hold onto the Makings of our coven.  Take it. Take it, but don't ignore it. Ignoring what first made our resilience is foolish, and you'll be needing that knowledge very shortly. First, we have to make sure you're indeed ready for your role in what's to come."

The HERALD encourages you to look at how your past informs your future.  While others are concerned about the meanings of their past experiences, the HERALD reminds you what's done is done; separate your past from your feelings about your past.  When you experience your history as data (not judgement), you can analyze your patterns and push forward into new territory or personal growth.  Keep an open mind when rehashing past events, and you'll learn something new you will most definitely use in the future.

This card is part of the AUTUMN Suit in the Woven Wisdom Oracle, which notes lessons from the empowered voices in the twilight of life, who have lived experience. How can we learn from others strengths, or shortcomings?


Could relate to: history, heritage, and ancestor work; changing positions, projects, or locations; continued and repeated success in projects (especially finance and creative endeavors.


Key Questions:

  • Have I rested effectively?

  • What things am I deserving of, and how can I achieve or receive them?

  • What things could I learn right now, that would change my current goals and ambitions?

  • How do I sustain myself and the community around me?