1. Hekate


Throughout paganism and polytheistic practices, Hekate is commonly referred to as the Mother of Witchcraft.  The daughter of a Titan and a nymph, she hails from Hellenist traditions (though also shows some roots within Anatolia and Egypt; some traditions regard her even as a foreigner from across the Black Sea).  HEKATE used/uses her gifts to help with medicine & health, as well as midwifery and childbirth; she also is in associated with crossroads and liminal spaces as she holds the keys to the underworld and secrets of life.  She has intimate knowledge of plants and their uses (healing and harming), and Her triple-goddess form is often observed as shape-shifting.  When HEKATE is pulled, we are called to recognize our abilities to be magicians ourselves-- learn and share as much as we can to help, harm, build, create, and empower others to move beyond the thresholds and passageways that were previously closed to them.  We are called to be accomplices in the health of our communities.  We are called to act when others speculate; we are asked to hold the torch, and share its light.

This card is part of the PANTHEON Suit in the Woven Wisdom Oracle, which recalls details in divinity that apply to our lives. Thank you to those people of the living faith traditions who offered additional insight & context into the importance of these divine figures.  The PANTHEON suit asks, what can I learn from the figureheads and their living traditions. that I may observe myself with that same reverence?

Could relate to: activism, work in/with non-profit organizations or medical professions, being sought out as a spiritual advisor and leader, access to secrets and new information.

Key Questions:

  • How can I set a new precedent in this situation?

  • How can I engage in servant leadership?

  • What crossroads am I at, and how can I satisfy all options while accomplishing my goals?

  • How are my skills best used in service to my community?

  • Where is hope lacking, that I can provide?