Bonding with your Deck (Proximity & Consistency) - Destiny (Card 33)

Hi there, Beautiful Soul! Hope this week is going well for you as you power through the last couple of days of it. I had a wonderful Facebook Live at the beginning of this week talking about the Woven Wisdom's making-of, my observations about the deck as a card-reader, and pulling cards for people who asked. If you want to be part of the next Live feed, the next one will be coming... and I'll make sure to let you all know when it happens. As Woven Wisdom decks are wandering their way across the globe, and people are cracking into intuition to bond with their cards, I'd like to offer up a couple of recommendations for what's worked for me through the years of card reading. These are different ticks or techniques that have helped me feel closer in my spiritual practice-- so if you're a fellow spiritualist, drop a comment below on what works for you! I'm always excited to learn more, and see how incorporating different methods augments my Craft. Before continuing on, please understand: I think spirituality is ultimately an individual practice, and what works for one person may or may not work for another; what works for me might (or might not!) work for you. That has to be okay, as long as it's done with respect. For my practice, I believe that everything we touch and/or give intention to, we exchange energy with; cards and other spiritual tools get energy exchange when we appeal to their use for our means-- and it is both give and take. Since these objects carry and transfer energy, I also believe in treating my spiritual tools with the same courtesy I'd give a person. You'll find me personifying objects throughout these entries. Proximity & Consistency are the two main ways to bond with your deck. Proximity is the physical distance and ways we can develop closeness with our decks. Consistency is using them frequently and with method-- the more we use our tools, the more comfortable we become with them (and them with us!). Proximity-wise, the more time you spend with your deck closer at hand, the more acquainted the two of you become. For me, I am an active fidgeter, fumbler, sketcher, drawer, doodler-- anything that keeps my hands busy so my brain can keep doing what it does. So, if I have a tool that is supposed to help me meditate and focus, or a tool that's supposed to give me guidance through all of my deepest concerns or wildest dreams, shouldn't it be with me during those times? If I'm sitting around, I'm shuffling my deck, daydreaming, learning the feel of it. My deck goes shopping with me and is my purse companion; she's under my pillow as I dream (or if I can't get to sleep, I can again shuffle it until I'm ready); I keep it in my pocket, make it accessible, let her sit and breathe on my altar and get to know the other tools that she may be interacting with as we grow together. Mine tends to like some fresh air, too-- and as long as I protect her and make sure she won't be damaged by the elements, I often go to a park and flip cards at the picnic tables there, even just for myself. All of this allows for my deck and me to experience being in each other's space, present and mindful.

Consistency-wise, I feel like bonding with a deck means I need to be as dependable as possible on the outset. As I'm learning, I'll introduce myself and ask questions about the deck that both address her goals, function, voice, and pet peeves; then I get nosy/curious about its perceptions and impressions of me. It's the same dance we do as we get to know people-- through which, strangers become acquaintances, become friends. So, for a week (I tend to start on New Moons such as the one tonight for outsets and intention setting) I'll sit with the deck and ask these questions, and make note of her voice, tone, patterns in imagery or message. In most cases, I journal and use the considerations she brings up to get to know both her and myself better. These questions include (but not limited to, of course. Get creative!):

Hey Deck, - What issues do you particularly like helping with? - What do you hope to accomplish by us working together? - What are things that annoy you from a Querent? (I'll try to avoid them!) - What do you feel is your biggest strength? - How do you want to develop from here? - What are your first impressions of me?

- What do you see as my biggest (Spiritual, Emotional, Financial, Physical, etc.) obstacle right now?

- What do you feel is my biggest strength? Let me know how these go for you! I love hearing about people's interactions and bonding with their spiritual tools-- and the curious things that happen in the meantime. Next blog, we'll talk about further bonding with your deck (Woven Wisdom, or otherwise)-- including cleansing, dedicating, and ritual work. Until then, have fun exploring, and kissing your destiny ;-) Blessings beyond measure! Siren

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