Conquering - Tower Ascent (Card 26)

Hello, Wonderful Soul.

Is the start of this week feeling a little... "off" to you? When I feel uneasy I tend to head inward, than outward-- so I checked inward to see where I was mentally, physically, emotionally. I checked outward for my calendar, made sure I wasn't missing anything, set up my appointments for readings. I checked to make sure I was sure. Yup. Peachy. When I flipped our message card for our community this week, though, it tells a bit of a different story: TOWER ASCENT from the Fables Suit informs that there is going to at least be one big upcoming task or trial in the coming week, if not a gauntlet of them.

Oof. If we delve into this card and interpretation a little further, though, it appears what's coming up is an obstacle that's been in the making for quite some time, and just asks that we lean into it to accomplish what we need. In Tower Ascent (Card 26) Rapunzel's rescuer climbs the rope of her hair, and is already well on his way up the tower. He's already said "Challenge accepted!" and has leaned into his qualities of determination and perseverance to reach his goal to rescue her. In short, we can learn from this card: when we lean into our gifts and leverage them to our challenges, we're able to be more fully engaged and empowered in our own lives, managing our trials this week, well. So: What's the big task (or set of tasks) you have coming up this week? How can you say "Challenge accepted" and engage with the energy of the TOWER ASCENT card to make this week work for you? My comments are below!

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