Manifesting: Make it so! (Freya - Card 7)

Happy Monday Woven Wanderers! We're doing something a little different today: some manifest work. While I work mainly with cards, this also crosses over to other forms of divination, so feel free to use this practice as fits into your own.

I feel Manifesting is best put in the words of Jean Luc Picard: "Make it so." The idea of Manifesting is to set your intentions, and encourage the energy that matches those intentions to make it real. You do this not by pulling random cards/figures, but by intentionally seeking out cards or figures that align with your message. If I've had a bunch of house repairs recently, instead of asking "What will happen this week?" and pulling those cards, I can flip through my Woven Wisdom Oracle and seek out the STABILITY card, HIDDEN HOME, and SHIPWRECK cards; I'd then place them on my altar, meditate or journal on them to charge them with that energy or that intent for my week. If manifested well, hopefully there's a little bit of a breather between now and the next time my house would need repairs. So, answer in the comments below:

1. What things do you expect this week? 2. How do you want to change or reinforce the energy for your week? 3. What cards (runes, etc) go with the energy you want for this week?

You can keep those divination tools out and meditate on them, continually putting in the energy towards those intentions. At the end of your week, see how it turned out! I'm curious to hear how your manifesting went. --Siren (Postscript: That example may be a little personal because last week, my pipes froze here in Indiana. To thaw them, my partner and I turned the faucets up. It worked! But, it worked a couple of days later during my nap. Many of you know my writing space is an old bedroom the last owners converted into a much-too-large bathroom. Not only was there a quarter inch of standing water in my writing/music space, but my grimoire and Book of Shadows were on the ground with rivers of ink running out from the pages. Guess we get to start again, hm? But I'll take that STABILITY card for this week, thank you very much.)

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