New World Awaking - (Transformation, Card #36)

We've made it to Spring- Happy Ostara! If you're in the Northern hemisphere, the weather is less extreme while life returns to the land. Here in Indianapolis (US), we have a terrible gloomy season of rain which makes way to lush greenery. Right now we're juuuuuuuust after the downpours but before that green, and I can't wait for better weather to take my writing to the outdoors. Oftentimes in our work (either professional or personal) around this time requires a change in method. While TRANSFORMATION is from the Autumn Suit of the Woven Wisdom oracle, which advises lessons learned from past experience, it is such a timely message for the Spring as the world turns anew. I appreciate most that this card shows an active and intentional growth, instead of passive enjoyment of that change. TRANSFORMATION reminds us that we are the agents and catalysts to our growth, should we choose to put in the work to align our goals. For me, this meant completely reworking things in my home and office spaces in a way that would encourage me to be more engaged in my home and my work. It was deep cleaning, rearranging furniture, ordering projects by priority, and figuring where things in my house go best. My office space is also my relaxation space, and is also my music and creative space... and without a proper ordering, it was serving as none of these things. TRANSFORMATION reminds us that change for improvement isn't always a beautiful process. While cleaning it felt like I must have had a million old pieces of mail that I couldn't bear to let go of, either for sentimental reasons or because I was terrified I'd need them later on. I had bits of yarn from unfinished projects, mail to my ex-partners (I'm no longer in touch with them), sticky note reminders of all old debts or things that had fallen by the waste side. I had clothes that no longer fit in my closets and drawers, and gadget parts for repairs so long past that I no longer had the thing needing repair. How frustrating is this! Of course, it's not just frustrating to have all that crap in a creative space; it's all the layers of self-judgement that come with it that make it even worse. Why didn't I just throw these things out to begin with? Why couldn't I finish a project? How many examples of failure or disorganization did I have in this small space? The trick against self-judgement is found in being present firmly grounded in what is, instead of what was. Regardless of what happened for what reasons, right now there is something that I can do about it: rearrange, clean, clear, throw out, rebalance, reorder. All judgements and "extra information" were stopping me from my task, while being largely irrelevant to the task itself. By removing that judgement, I was able to remove the pressure that held me in place, unable to do anything to work and change my situation for the better. So, remember as you go forth into whatever your transformation is: hold off on self-judgement, be patient and gentle in your growth, and be persistent. Hard work is worthwhile work, and you are absolutely worth the work. --Siren. _______________________________________ I got a couple of messages and emails asking how I choose to do these blog entries. Each time I follow my spiritual process of cleaning, clearing, and holding space; asking, "What message can I share, that we all can reflect and learn from?" Today, after cleaning and rededicating my space, our friend TRANSFORMATION popped up. Did you know TRANSFORMATION almost wasn't part of the Woven Wisdom Oracle? Steve and I bounced around whether this image would fit, or if it was too stark for the deck. We loved the reality and grittiness of it, and unfolded the really important lesson: change (and our judgements of it) aren't always pleasant but are often necessary. We had to keep this card-- and now, if you have the deck, it's yours, too! _______________________________________

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