Spinning Wheels (Card 49- SHIPWRECK)

Tonight’s The Woven Wanderers Weekly broadcast was small and intimate, and I feel like this late hour (for me) gives a cozy glow. My favorite thing is when we are in community together and can share in that space— even between only a few people.

Tonight I divulged that it felt like my tires had been spinning for a couple of weeks; I know others who’ve felt the same.

But in true fashion, the Universe gives you memories to reflect on and consider. I got to tell a story of The Honorable Mr. Hugo LeBeau, my old Mini Cooper (pictured below). I was obsessed with making this little car do all sorts of things it didn’t have any business doing (also pictured below). One of those things was drifting on the rust-colored mixture of clay-and-sand roads in the backwoods in Florida. I loved the gliding and sliding. I loved how the sunlight flashed through the trees, strobing as Hugo and I negotiated the party of switchbacks and forks, getting lost finding myself in places the rest of the world couldn’t.

I did not, however, appreciate the fateful day Hugo got stuck while we were banking a turn. It was going to happen at some point, but it ACTUALLY HAPPENED- he sunk into the crud like Artax, just straight down, his tires whirring and spinning as I mashed the gas pedal hoping to power through. I panicked (don’t mash the gas pedal) and then had no cell phone reception to find help. I begged Hugo to just catch on something; I bargained with the sand to not be sand and just let us go, promised good behavior (like driving the speed limit) to

the Florida swamp gods. I dug at the ruts and tried to expose some sort of rock or grip for Hugo’s tires. Three hours later, making a mini boardwalk from surrounding branches, we were free to have a very tame (and shameful) drive home.

The message is here: For the rest of this week, do I keep spinning my wheels, or am I working where I actually have traction? Do I need outside help or resources to leverage a way forward from here? Would checking my ego and removing self-judgement be helpful in this situation? To power through the rest of our week, it’s time to release expectations of things going off without a hitch, and find ways you can influence the outcomes of your efforts instead of wasting energy and focus. This is most closely reflected in the card SHIPWRECK from The Woven Wisdom— what can we salvage or learn from this week, to set us up for success in the next?

Postscript: The Honorable Mister Hugo LeBeau met his early demise after bottoming out in a gravel pothole in Missouri while I was heading to a field training in 2016. He is still, to this day, sorely missed— though his spirit lives on in my daily driver that also probably shouldn’t be driven the way I drive it.


[image: A clearing in the woods in Missouri, with a cloudy but blue sky, bright green trees and tall grass all around. Against scattered shrubs & bushes there is a camping table, two tan water jugs under the table, and a standing whiteboard with training notes written in marker on butcher paper. Parked next to the training area in the tall grass: A red Mini Cooper with sticker mustache on the front bumper and a monocle headlight trim. Siren (in Army field uniform) lays on top of the car on her stomach, heels crossed and kicked up in the air.]

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