Some feedback on THE WOVEN WISDOM ORACLE...

My wonderful set of Woven wisdom oracle cards arrived today. They are stunningly illustrated and presented beautifully. They are almost too gorgeous to use but....thanks Steve for your work...they will give me hours if pleasure and predictions👍🏻👏🏻😎

-Kaye, England

Got mine today! Love love love them! 

-Diann, The Netherlands

Good morning i received 2 packages 📦 delivered by international mail, very very excited, both packs perfect, no broken boxes and inside my awesome cards designed by the man himself Steve. Thank you i love them [...] very excited to use them and share them in Australia.

-Samantha, Australia

Absolutely beautiful ❤️ I have received my cards today!!! I was so overwhelmed at their beauty!! I have never seen anything as beautiful as these are! Thank you for the personal touch. Made me have a lump in my throat!! Thank you for getting this all done and in print and then out to the world. 

-Doriel, England

Excited to have this delivered and to look through the amazing art of each card. And of course, my main Lady, Hekate, is card no.1! 🙂 Be sure to check out if you would like a deck yourself!

-Kenn, England

They are here. They are here. Will have a ceremony to welcome them. Thank you so much for sharing your gifting with us.

-Dorothy, England

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