is an eclectic pagan witch who has practiced various forms of divination for over fifteen years, though working with cards is her favorite. A lover of world belief and religion, she is inspired by lessons learned in stories passed down through generations, and the context of those stories in traditions that still live today. In addition to divining, she lives in the US as a writer, military veteran, performer of Spoken Word poetry, and social justice activist. She wishes to thank and acknowledge those dear friends of many living faiths who have helped her approach this deck’s interpretations with respect and reverence.

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is a self-taught professional artist who currently resides in the UK. Since his career began in 1988, he has had mentorship from some of the greatest fantasy and sci-fi artists of our time. He now draws influence from nature itself. "I translate the mythology, folklore and beliefs this world has to offer, to create my own blend of darkness and beauty while weaving stories of life. love and struggle in an honest and realistic way. I'd like to thank the countless people who give me support and the individuals worldwide who collect my art. It enables me to keep doing what I love the most: drawing the creatures that creep forward to the front of my mind night and day.”