21. The Protector 

In this card, we see a wonderful illustration of Lucy peeking from the mane of Aslan, Narnia's leonine ruler.  In C.S. Lewis' story The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, four siblings-- Lucy, Susan, Peter, and Edmund-- are sent for safety to live with their grandfather in the English countryside during the bombings of World War II.  The four find a wardrobe that transports them to an amazing fantasy land called Narnia, where they must fight to help their lion friend Aslan reclaim his rightful place on the throne from the White Witch.  THE PROTECTOR asks us to be the lion Aslan, understanding the trust people put in us, and placing our safety ahead of those who would help us-- including the most vulnerable amongst us.

The Fables Suit addresses different angles of popular stories and fairy tales that we have internalized.  What beliefs about yourself and the world around you appear in this card, which might need to be refreshed, updated, or left behind? 


Could relate to: social justice, settling a dispute, restoring things to how they "should" be, sibling/family conflict, transitions in power


Key Questions:

  • Who do my actions affect that I am aware of?  

  • Are there others that are affected by the results of my actions and leadership?

  • How do I balance being gentle, and being a commanding presence?

  • What is the fairest solution to the dilemma for all parties involved?


YES/NO:  This card is a YES card.