Spin the thread, to weave your tale-- ask guidance from the Fates
for foolish is the one who hears, yet neither acts nor contemplates
on tales of those gone long before, or those who are breathing still; 
from shadows, forests, fairytales; from elder crone, or god-like will.

Weave thread above & thread below-- beyond, betwixt, between--

once the question is craft’ to start the path, all that’s left… is to BEGIN.


Oracle cards are just one of many means of divination, fortune-telling, or soothsaying.

Similar to Tarot, oracle cards have a themed image on the card (to be interpreted by a Card Reader or Querent),

but also include guide words and phrases alongside the image to prompt further perspective.

Who can use these cards?
Anyone from the modern mystic to the spiritual skeptic. The Woven Wisdom Oracle meant to be approachable and intuitive, used by spiritualists to connect with their Source or Guides; it can also be used by humanists for meditation, brain food, or journaling. Oracle cards are meant to encourage clarity in problem solving, and inspire confidence in action.

How does the Woven Wisdom Oracle differ from other oracle decks?

This fifty-card core deck is divided into five unique suits to reflect upon: the PANTHEON Suit (Gods, Goddesses and

spiritual figureheads), the FOREST Suit (Fantasy elements), the FABLES Suit (Fairytales), the AUTUMN Suit (Crones),

and the SHADOW Suit (Deeper meanings). We believe spirituality and reflection are individual experiences,

so deck expansions become available for the Reader/Querent to customize their deck over time.

I want to try, but I worry I might draw a “bad” card.

Remember, these cards are tools. There are no “good” or “bad” cards, any more than there are “good” or “bad” hammers—and it’s all about how you use your tools that makes them useful and effective. Oftentimes, cards tell the Querent what they need to hear, but not in the ways that are expected. As such, wording the question, maintaining an open mind, and listening to your gut intuition when pulling your cards are of the utmost importance. The more you trust your experience, the more fulfilling your reading will be. Take notes and journal as needed!