Woven Wisdom Oracle Shipping Update

 17 FEBRUARY 2021

Hello, Wanderer!

We're so pleased to give you this update.  The Woven Wisdom: Bibliomancy & Card Guide, your hard copy companion to The Woven Wisdom Oracle, is available to order! Explore the rich multicultural history and practice of Bibliomancy, divination through random passages from books.  In this beautiful 160-page publication written by Siren Hand and illustrated by Steve Samsara, you'll learn how to divine as a gifted Reader, how to verify your answers through complimentary methods of divination, and how to develop your own personal ritual.  You'll also get to experience the full interpretations of The Woven Wisdom Oracle, sold separately. 
You can order it from our shop-- and don't forget to pick up a deck, if you don't already have one (or have one to gift)!

All orders through 17 February (#10826) have gone out to ship. We hope it makes it to you quickly! Your decks should be arriving soon; if you have not received them within the next two weeks, please use the Contact Page to let us know (including the shipment name, Wix Order Number, and the date it was placed) so we can handle any shipment issues with your deck as soon as possible. Please remember that the books have just started shipping on 8 Feb 2021- if you have not received it yet, it might be a little early yet.

If you've had your deck (or, are receiving your copy of The Woven Wisdom: BIBLIOMANCY & CARD GUIDE) we hope it's treating you well.  Why not leave us feedback? You might even have your comment featured on the Woven Wisdom Feedback page!

A reminder:  our wholesale is set up to go, and ready to establish accounts with businesses that have at least 75% of their business in brick-and-mortar stores.  If you're the owner or manager of a gift/spirituality store with interest in creating a wholesale account, shoot us an email.  We'd love to support your business.  Thanks for supporting ours.

Don't forget to check out The Woven Wanderers- a divination community on Facebook. In our short time of existing, we've grown to over 1.5k people who share the passions of card reading, runes, bibliomancy, throwing bones, pendulum and scrying.  Curious to learn more?  Come join us. remember, you must answer the questions before access to the group is given.  We're loving and carefully maintaining our relaxed environment, and excited to have you as a part of it. 

Always: thank you so much for contributing to our continued success, and building our community with us!

The Woven Wisdom Team
Siren & Samsara Publishing