Woven Wisdom Oracle Shipping Update

17 October 2020
Hello, Wonderful Souls! 
The latest shipment of  Woven Wisdom Oracle Cards has gone out up through Order #10486 (12 October 2020).  Thank you so much to everyone who has supported and messaged us since our opening this year on 1 August!  The process of building our community from the ground up and weaving our stories has already been a wonder-- what else are we going to weave?  Well.. hold onto your hats, because you're about to see even more.

Forthcoming surprises aside, our amazing partners at  Transglobal Express  has made the safe delivery of your decks possible, from picking up the bulk of orders in the UK to shipping all around the world-- including to Wanderers on every continent (except for Antarctica-- but we're getting there!)  Thank you to Catherine, Liam, and the Transglobal team for continuing their amazing service.  

We'd also like to note some really great growth in the Woven Wisdom Team: please welcome our new tech & communications manager, Kat! She is (and willl be) working to coordinate between you, the Woven Wanderer, and  Tranglobal Express to ensure faster response times to your messages and further improve the delivery and service of your deck to you.  Just in the nick of time-- we couldn't be more pleased to have you as an addition to the Woven Wisdom Team, Kat!

As we continue to build, we thank you-- the makers of our foundation.  Blessings and all the best.
The Woven Wisdom Team
Siren & Samsara Publishing 



11 September 2020
To our Wanderers & Weavers:
All decks that have been ordered from thewovenwisdom.com, up to today have been shipped.  If you ordered between 15 August and 11 September, please notify us AFTER 15 SEPTEMBER if you still haven't received a tracking number from Transglobal Express. 

If you
have received your deck, we'd love to hear how the WOVEN WISDOM ORACLE is treating you.  It's been wonderful seeing  your oracle decks reach your hands, all over the world! Thank you so much for waiting with us as your deck(s) reached you.  Leave your feedback here,  or email info@thewovenwisdom.com.
Siren & Samsara Publishing


29 August 2020
Hello, Woven Wanderers:
WE'VE SHIPPED!   All Woven Wisdom Oracle decks ordered before 15 August 2020 have been handed over to the courier company Transglobal Express, who will be releasing all tracking numbers to the individual recipients between now and Tuesday  (Monday is a bank holiday in the UK).  Please check your spam or junk folders for your tracking number from Transglobal.

As you are aware from our previous updates, this first month has been quite challenging (of the best kind!) due to the overwhelming response and packing solution; as of now, we are fully caught up and have custom packaging to ensure your decks get to you in perfect condition. We thank you for your support and patience.

Can't wait to hear what you think of your new deck!
Siren & Samsara Publishing




23 August 2020

Hello! On 1 August, we went live with The Woven Wisdom and received overwhelming support for our  decks.  We opened our shop with the aim of getting them shipped within the first week. Once the first decks went out we were informed by our community that some arrived damaged;  we paused shipment of the decks until there was a better solution. We had custom packaging made to ensure that the decks got to you safely, which set us back two weeks.  Packaging appears to be back on track this week-- we apologize for the wait!

Thank you for being patient with us during this time, as we find the flow in our systems and troubleshoot ALL the things (website, blog, email lists and contact forms, packaging, shipping, and additional requests).  We're recognizing there are teething issues with the new website and working to solve communication issues. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please use the contact form to get in touch.  We will send additional updates on this page as information comes out, but don't forget to check your email inbox/spam folder for "Woven Wisdom Oracle Update" for more news and ideas on how to use your oracle deck when you do receive it.

With appreciation,
Siren & Samsara Publishing