Woven Wisdom Oracle Shipping Update

15 December 2020

Happy Holidays, Woven Wanderers!

All orders through 15 December (#10576) have gone out to ship-- we hope it makes it to you in time for your Holiday celebrations! Your decks should be arriving soon; if you have not received them within the next two weeks, please use the Contact Page to let us know (including the shipment name, Wix Order Number, and the date it was placed) so we can handle any shipment issues with your deck as soon as possible. 

If you've had your deck, we hope it's treating you well.  Why not leave us feedback. You might even have your comment featured on the Woven Wisdom Feedback page!

We're in the final stages of the hard copy for the Woven Wanderers: Bibliomancy & Card Guide.  This forthcoming hard copy  includes all 50 card meanings, and even deeper spiritual practices and history written by Siren Hand-- with additional illustrations and a HUGE treat from Steve Samsara.  Keep an eye on the shop as preorders open in January!   In the meantime, The Woven Wanderers Facebook group is constantly engaging with their decks in new and exciting ways, sharing layouts and discussing tried-and-true practices.  Join here if you haven't already, where you can get to know other card readers, see more decks, and engage more in your craft. It's one of the fastest growing communities for card readers online today!

A reminder:  our wholesale is set up to go, and ready to establish accounts with businesses that have at least 75% of their business in brick-and-mortar stores.  If you're the owner or manager of a gift/spirituality store with interest in creating a wholesale account, shoot us an email.  We'd love to support your business.  Thanks for supporting ours!

Lastly, thank you for supporting The Woven Wisdom Oracle as we brave our first Holiday season.  We've appreciated the support and community of people who are as passionate about this project as we are.  During the darkest days and the longest nights, your connection makes them warm and bright.

In gratitude and with Holiday blessings-- no matter how you celebrate.
The Woven Wisdom Team

Siren & Samsara Publishing