Woven Wisdom Oracle Shipping Update

 16 July 2021

We've missed you, Wanderer.  It's been a busy few months with the release of The Woven Wisdom: Bibliomancy & Card Guide.  We're also approaching our anniversary for the release of The Woven Wisdom Oracle.  One year already, can you believe it?  To celebrate everything that's happened this last year, we're adding more mysteries and curiosities, ones Your Cards may just have the answer to.  Happy hunting, sleuths!

All orders through 10 JULY (#10913) have gone out to ship. We hope it makes it to you quickly; if you have not received them within the next two weeks, please use the Contact Page to let us know (including your shipment name, Wix Order Number, and the date it was placed) so we can handle any shipment issues with your deck as soon as possible.

We are always accepting fan photos like the beautiful image above captured by Woven Wanderer Christy Moore.  We would love to see your beautiful spaces featuring The Woven Wisdom; your images and interactions inspire us to do more work and continue developing our community of practitioners. submit to info@thewovenwisdom.com -- and if you've had your
deck (or, are receiving your copy of The Woven Wisdom: BIBLIOMANCY & CARD GUIDE) we hope it's treating you well.  Why not leave us some feedback? You might even have your comment featured on the feedback page!

The Woven Wanderers (our 1.7k member divination community on Facebook) came together this Spring for the Tarot Learn Along, a multi-post discussion about history, interpretation, and comparative spiritual practices with Tarot (RSW).  At the end of it, each comment on the posts were entered for a random giveaway: Woven Wanderer Christie Colwell won a signed-by-the-artist Woven Wisdom print.  Want to join in the fun? Check out our group. remember, you must answer the questions before access to The Woven Wanderers is given.  We're loving and carefully maintaining our relaxed environment, and excited to have you as a part of it. 

Always: thank you so much for contributing to our continued success, and building our community with us.

The Woven Wisdom Team
Siren & Samsara Publishing